California legislators need to hear from drivers
California legislators need to hear from you

We know you care about pay, fairness, and the flexibility to drive whenever and wherever you want. California lawmakers will soon make decisions on these topics and your work with Lyft — and they need your input.

Legislators are considering changes that could cause Lyft to limit your hours and flexibility, resulting in scheduled shifts. We’re advocating to protect your flexibility with Lyft, in addition to establishing an earnings minimum, offering protections and benefits, and giving drivers representation so you have a voice in the company.

Before any decisions are made about your work with Lyft, it’s important legislators hear directly from you. We’re not going to give you a script. We want you to say what you value about your work with Lyft and what legislators need to know about this work.

Let's make sure California's elected leaders hear from you before they make decisions on your behalf.

Read our joint op-ed on how we can make the driving experience better in California.

Email your legislators now:

We’re not going to give you a script. We genuinely want you to say what you value about your work with Lyft and what legislators should know about this work.

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I have been driving with for over two years now, and it has been a lifesaver. After being diagnosed with cancer and going through a difficult divorce, I found myself carless and without a way to pay my bills. Lyft's Express Drive program gave me back not only personal mobility but also the opportunity to save money and buy a new car. Being a driver has also given me the flexibility I needed to work by day job and to go through cancer treatments. Being able to make an income on my own schedule has been a game changer for me.

Sacramento, CA

I am a single dad of three daughters, and when my oldest started college I realized I had lost my driver helper in picking up my others kids. Before, I was a full-time employee with the state, but Lyft offered me way more flexibility to be there for my daughters when they needed me, and I realized that this flexibility was more important to me than anything else. Driving with Lyft allows me to be my own boss and be a full-time dad to support my kids. I never miss a soccer game or a milestone in their lives.

West Sacramento, CA

I began driving with Lyft nearly 4 years ago to supplement my income. I am originally from El Salvador, and I currently own my own translation agency. I am an entrepreneur at heart and driving with Lyft has given me the flexibility to set my schedule around my other businesses.

Ben Lomond, CA